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X.EXE. This is a DOS game made by an Estonian. It's a Xonix clone.

The file

For it's size, it's very playable. The game executable (X.EXE) is only 8107 bytes. The executable is from October 14, 1992, and the binary contains a few sentences in Estonian (“Kollarv läks üle max.-i”, “Maxsamm läks lõhki !”).

It may have been compiled using Turbo Pascal or similar, as the binary also contains text “Portions Copyright (c) 1983,90 Borland”.

The binary is in MZ file format and also contains LZ91 signature, but regular UNLZEXE tools didn't work. What worked was mz-explode. To compile mz-explode, in Linux, I had to change line 407 in CMakeLists.txt (replaced “gcc49” with “gcc”), then I ran “cmake .”, “make”, and “bin/mzexplode X.EXE xoutput.exe”.

~/src/mz-explode/bin/mzexplode X.EXE xoutput.exe
Input file                      :       X.EXE
.EXE size (bytes)               :       1fab    8107
Initial CS:IP                   :       1db:e
Initial SS:SP                   :       2e4:80
Minimum allocation (para)       :       1238    4664
Maximum allocation (para)       :       b238    45624
Header Size (para)              :       2       2
Relocation table offset         :       1c      28
Relocation entries              :       0       0

Output file                     :       xoutput.exe
.EXE size (bytes)               :       2d40    11584
Initial CS:IP                   :       0:c33
Initial SS:SP                   :       bda:8000
Minimum allocation (para)       :       1126    4390
Maximum allocation (para)       :       c273    49779
Header Size (para)              :       20      32
Relocation table offset         :       1c      28
Relocation entries              :       70      112

Download X.EXE as ZIP

The game

The goal is to decrease the area where the balls can bounce, and to avoid balls hitting you and to avoid balls bouncing into each other. Otherwise, there will be a skull who will eat more area for the balls to bounce.

To complete each level, you need to fill a certain amount of area (or, make the area for the balls smaller than a certain size).

The game played in DosBOX


There used to be one Youtube video about this gameplay, but the channel Rozyx is deleted now. Original URL:

I made a video about the gameplay:


There are a few known bugs in the game.

Sometimes, there is a section of filled area created without any connection.

If the score goes over 32767, it turns negative and current level may become impossible to be completed (as on following image).

In the last levels (maybe levels 12 and up), the game will have problems, and often a level will complete even if a 1×1 area is created.

This happens after you enter level 16: text in Estonian.


The game might be related to a Xonix clone by Erik Jürviste that was just 4 kB (

P.S: If you know anything about this game, who made it etc, please contact me (

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