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I managed to erase an EPROM (NM27C512Q) using sunlight. I left it outside for about a week, after that the chip was empty.

Then I put XT-IDE BIOS onto it.

First, as the EPROM is 512 kbits (64 kBytes) and the 3COM 3C509 network card has up to 32 kBytes support, I made a file that contains the BIOS 2 times.

I wanted to write AT320INT.BIN (for Toshiba T3200SXC) to the EPROM.

In Linux, I made the file like this:

# Create 64k file with 0xFFs (all 1s):
dd if=/dev/zero ibs=1 count=65536 | LC_ALL=C tr "\000" "\377" > hexff.bin
# Write BIOS to first half
dd if=AT320INT.BIN of=hexff.bin conv=notrunc
# Write BIOS to second half
dd if=AT320INT.BIN of=hexff.bin bs=1 seek=32768 conv=notrunc
# Rename file now that it contains the BIOS
mv hexff.bin AT320NW.BIN

Then I wrote the BIOS (AT320NW.BIN) using XGEcu Pro programmer.

To do

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