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592125SC-2 was an E27 LED lamp that didn't give out light any more.

I opened it, unfortunately I had to break the aluminium at the edges.

The type of lamp is written to the side

I tested each LED separately with multimeter in diode mode, they were fine. (Not all multimeters go up to the voltage of the white LEDs)

Red marks the point where the transformer leg had cut the PCB and didn't make a contact. I applied solder and the whole schematic started to work. The chip with 8 legs is a BP2336.

Top view of the PCB inside the E27 lamp.

In conclusion, it's interesting to see what's inside, and how to make it work again, but it's not worth putting it back together, it will look very ugly. Maybe I can use this in some other project.

The components on the PCB are not well sitting on the PCB (they are not glued etc), so it's likely that some component legs may cut through the thin traces on the PCB and lose contact.

I made it work!

This is how it actually looks like. Just transparent tape holding it together.

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